224C UPVC Packaging Tape (2.4 Mil.)

224C UPVC Packaging Tape (2.4 Mil)

224C UPVC Packaging Tape (2.4 Mil.)

224C UPVC Tape is an alternative to:

  • ATP UPVC-24C
  • Tesa 4104 & 4124
  • STA 1263
  • Shurtape PP808
  • 3M-690 Paklon


Elite 224C is a 2.4 mil. UPVC film tape with solvent based natural rubber adhesive system.  This product has a printable film backing that is strong and conformable for various applications including carton sealing, bundling and identification purposes.  The natural rubber adhesive is extremely stable and has a quick tack for immediate bond.  Industry standard for produce & bag sealing applications for closing bags.

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  • 2.4 mil. total thickness with natural rubber adhesive
  • 18 oz/1″ Adhesion Value
  • Master roll size 53″ x 3,280yds
  • 8 Color choices: 224R (Red), 224BL (Blue), 224LB (Light Blue), 224BK (Black), 224Y (Yellow), 224DG (Dark Green), 224LG (Light Green), 224OR (Orange)


  • Printable for custom carton sealing and identification purposes
  • Excellent quick bond to variety of substrates
  • Color coding and identification purposes
  • Thin and conformable backing

224C UPVC Tape Options

  • Elite Tape will slit to order any size 1/8″ to 53″ x 3280yds long
  • Available narrow & long length for continuous processing machine applications
  • Pony rolls for printer’s 6″ x 720yds, 12″ x 1440yds
  • Available on 1″, 1.5″ and 3″ paper or plastic cores
  • Available in die-cut dots and pieces for masking off applications

224C Applications


Identification Applications


Roll Closure Applications


Sealing Applications




Roll Tabbing Applications

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