We would like to share with our Distributor partners our “INVESTMENT IN NEW TECHNOLOGY” by featuring our new CAT 729 Surface Rewind Slitter.

Elite Tape put into production in the Spring of 2021 our new fully automated surface rewind slitter. This fully automated rewind slitter was custom built over the past year to meet our demanding specifications.

Click Below To See It In Action!


  • Fully automated surface rewind slitter
  • 32″ Outer Diameter roll capacity allowing for the longest length rolls in our industry
  • Narrow slitting from 1/2″ wide up to 60″ wide rewind capacity
  • 800FPM run speed allows for the fastest production times
  • Fully automatic knife setup in less than 7 minutes allows for quick setup and turnaround on orders
  • 60″ Laminator allows us to strip off or introduce a new release liner or other substrate during the rewind process


  • Our ability to Provide Longer Production Rolls = Less Down Time for Your Customer, Less Down Time = Cost Savings = Higher GP Margins for You!
  • Precision narrow slitting from 1/2″ wide up to 60″ wide rolls allows for converting of any type of pressure sensitive materials with 3 sources of slitting
  • Faster run speeds allows for quicker turnaround and reduced lead times for you
  • Laminating in line allows us to add more value with liners and other substrates, reducing production steps which allows for quicker turnarounds and lower costs
  • Automatic knife setup also allows for quicker turnaround and shorter lead times and lower costs