Permanent Bag Sealing

Elite 6040S is a permanent double coated bag sealing tape with differential adhesive system. This product was designed for the most stringent permanent bag sealing applications. Excellent combination of high performance bag sealing with immediate bonding power to a variety of films. This product is the industry standard for bag seal permanent tapes. Offered in long length spool form for continuous processing and with extended liner for easy removal. Infinity HKC-65 & Infinity HKC-67, Duraco 4813

Resealable Bag Sealing

6023BL Resealable Bag Sealing Tape (Center Reseal)

Permanent Finger Lift

Elite 2000 Series is a 5.0 mil. double coated permanent polyester tape with

Resealable Finger Lift

Elite 5000 Series is a HI-LO double coated tape with


Elite Tape is proud to offer one of the largest selections of bag sealing & finger lift tapes. Our customers rely on us to recommend the correct product for their application and to have it readily available to ship when they need it.  Based on our extensive history in these industries, we have designed a product offering to meet our customers requirements. Many of our products are stock sizes like our popular Permanent Bag Tapes- 6040S, 6030S and 6050P.  But we also have the unique ability to customize and produce these products to meet the most stringent requirements like our E-Tak 2000 Series which is produced in house from master rolls on our die-cutting press’.  We also have the ability to work with our business partners to develop custom sizes, adhesive systems and liner combinations for new products with small minimums and quicker lead times than you would find from other manufacturers.


What is Bag Sealing Tape and how is it used?

Bag Sealing Tape, also known as bag tape or bag closure tape, is a specialized adhesive tape used for sealing bags or pouches. It is designed to provide a secure closure for various types of bags, such as plastic bags, polyethylene & polypropylene bags, paper bags, and other flexible packaging materials.

The key features of bag sealing tape:

  • Adhesive Properties: Bag sealing tape typically has a strong adhesive that ensures a secure bond between the tape and the bag surface. The adhesive is formulated to provide reliable adhesion even on plastic or other smooth surfaces, ensuring that the bag remains sealed and contents are protected.
  • Resealable and Tamper-Evident: Some Bag Sealing Tape offers resealable properties, allowing bags to be opened and closed multiple times without losing the adhesive effectiveness. This is particularly useful when bags require repeated access or when maintaining product freshness is important. In addition, some bag sealing tapes are designed to provide tamper-evident features, meaning they show visible signs of tampering or opening.
  • Easy Application: Bag Sealing Tape is typically easy to use and apply. It may come with a dispenser or can be applied manually. The tape can be cut to the desired length and applied directly to the bag surface, providing a quick and efficient sealing solution.
  • Variety of Materials: Bag Sealing Tapes are available in different materials and formulations to suit various bag types and sealing requirements. Common materials include plastic film tapes, paper-based tapes, or composite tapes that combine both paper and plastic elements. The choice of material depends on factors such as bag material, intended use, and environmental considerations.
  • Customization: Bag Sealing Tapes can sometimes be customized with printed designs, logos, or branding elements. This allows businesses to promote their brand or provide important information on the tape itself, enhancing packaging aesthetics or communication.

Bag Sealing Tape finds applications in a wide range of industries and sectors. It is commonly used in food packaging, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, and logistics, where secure bag closure is essential for product protection, containment, and identification.

What is Finger Lift Tape?

Finger Lift Tape, also known as double-sided Finger Lift Tape, is a type of specialty adhesive tape designed to be easily lifted or peeled from a liner using a built-in finger lift tab or edge. It is commonly used in applications where quick and precise handling of the tape is required, such as in the printing and graphics industry.

Key features include:

  • Finger Lift Tab
    • Finger Lift Tape has a section along one edge or corner that is left exposed, providing a tab or edge that can be easily grasped and lifted with a finger or thumb. This makes it convenient to separate the tape from its liner or backing without the need for additional tools or cutting devices.
  • Double-Sided Adhesive
    • Finger Lift Tape is coated with adhesive on both sides, allowing it to create a strong bond between two surfaces. The adhesive used can vary depending on the application and desired bonding strength.
  • Precise Placement
    • The finger lift feature of the tape allows for precise and controlled placement. The exposed tab or edge makes it easier to position the tape accurately, ensuring that it is applied exactly where desired.
  • Clean Removal
    • Finger Lift Tape is often designed to offer clean and easy removal. It can be lifted off surfaces without leaving behind residue or damaging the material, making it suitable for applications where temporary or repositionable bonding is required.

Finger Lift Tape is used in a variety of applications.

  • Printing and Graphics: Finger Lift Tape is commonly used in the printing and graphics industry for applications such as mounting photos, artwork, posters, or other materials. It allows for precise placement and easy removal without damaging the printed surface.
  • Crafting and Scrapbooking: Finger Lift Tape is also popular in crafting and scrapbooking projects. Its ease of handling and clean removal make it useful for adhering photos, paper, or decorative elements to various surfaces.
  • General Bonding: Finger Lift Tape can be used for general bonding applications where quick and controlled handling is important. It provides a reliable and easy-to-use adhesive solution for tasks such as attaching lightweight materials, creating mock-ups, or securing temporary displays.

Should I use Permanent or Resealable Bag Sealing Tape?

The choice between permanent or resealable Bag Sealing Tape depends on the specific needs and requirements of your application.

Some factors to consider when deciding which type of tape to use:

  1. Functionality: Consider the intended purpose of the bag and how frequently it needs to be opened and resealed. If the contents of the bag require repeated access or if maintaining product freshness is important, resealable bag sealing tape may be the better choice. On the other hand, if the bag is meant to be permanently sealed without the need for reopening, permanent tape would be more suitable.
  2. Tamper-evident Features: If tamper-evident properties are a concern for your packaging, you may want to consider using resealable Bag Sealing Tape. Resealable tape can show visible signs of tampering or opening, providing an added level of security.
  3. Product Protection: Evaluate the level of protection required for the contents of the bag. If the contents need to be securely sealed with no risk of accidental opening, permanent tape may provide a more reliable seal. However, if the contents can tolerate occasional opening and resealing, resealable tape can offer convenience without compromising the protection.
  4. User Experience: Consider the user experience and ease of opening and closing the bag. Resealable Bag Sealing Tape allows for easy resealing, which can be beneficial for end-users. Permanent tape, on the other hand, provides a strong, secure seal that may be preferred for certain applications.
  5. Cost: Evaluate the cost implications of using resealable or permanent tape. Resealable tape is often more expensive than permanent tape due to the additional features and functionality it offers. Consider your budget and cost-effectiveness requirements.

Which Finger Lift Tape is better – those with rubber adhesive or acrylic adhesive?

The choice between rubber or acrylic adhesive Finger Lift Tapes depends on the specific application and requirements. Both adhesive types have their own characteristics and advantages.

  • Rubber Adhesive:
    • Quick Initial Bond: Rubber adhesive Finger Lift Tapes typically offer quick initial bonding. They create a strong initial bond upon application, allowing for immediate handling or further processing.
    • High Tack: Rubber adhesives have high tack, which means they adhere quickly and firmly to most surfaces. This can be beneficial when you need an adhesive that sticks well to various materials.
    • Flexible: Rubber adhesive tapes often have good flexibility, which allows for conformability to curved or irregular surfaces.
    • Temperature Sensitivity: Rubber adhesives can be sensitive to temperature changes. They may lose their adhesive properties or become less effective at extreme temperatures. It’s important to consider the temperature conditions in your application environment.
  • Acrylic Adhesive:
    • Long-term Durability: Acrylic adhesive Finger Lift Tapes typically offer excellent long-term durability and aging resistance. They are less prone to degradation over time, making them suitable for applications requiring extended bonding longevity.
    • Temperature Resistance: Acrylic adhesives are generally more temperature-resistant than rubber adhesives. They can withstand a wider range of temperatures without losing their adhesive properties or performance.
    • UV Stability: Acrylic adhesives often have good UV stability, which means they can maintain their adhesive strength and appearance even when exposed to sunlight or outdoor conditions.
    • Solvent Resistance: Acrylic adhesives are often more resistant to solvents and chemicals compared to rubber adhesives. If your application involves exposure to solvents or chemicals, acrylic adhesive may be a better choice.


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