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Elite Tape offers a versatile double coated Differential adhesive tape for a permanent bond on the exposed side and a removable bond on the liner side. This specialized adhesive formula is most commonly used in applications that require a temporary hold, later to be removed cleanly with no residue. Ideal for bonding to LSE & HSE Plastics, Metals, Fabrics, Wood Substrates and many more. Elite’s differential tape provides excellent temperature resistance up to 320F and exceptional shear strength for use in Foam & Felt Gasket Laminating applications. Also used for general purpose Fastening & Bonding in the POP Display, Trophy, Award, Sign & Framing industries.


Elite Tape offers the most extensive line of Double Coated Tapes in the market.  Whether you’re bonding, splicing, mounting or laminating, Elite Tape offers the right product for your application needs.  We partner with the top manufacturers both domestically and overseas to provide the largest product offering with the highest quality products.  Partners like 3M, Scapa, Berry Plastics, IPG and Shurtape to name a few.  In addition, Elite Tape has the unique ability to convert any of our double coated tapes into machine length long rolls for continuous processing, die-cut pieces for easy use and with a finger lift option for easy removal of liner.  The applications for double coated tapes are endless:

  • Carpet installation (permanent and short-term)
  • Convention tape
  • Splicing in web processing applications
  • Tail tabbing finished rolls for a complete finish
  • Core starting
  • Bag sealing tapes for permanent and resealable bags
  • Golf grip tape
  • Plastic extrusion applications



What is Differential Tape?

Differential Tape is a type of double-sided tape that has different adhesives coated on each side of the tape’s carrier. This unique design allows for versatile applications, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

  • Temporary holding: The side with the temporary adhesive allows for easy repositioning and temporary bonding of materials. This is beneficial when you need to make adjustments or changes before committing to a permanent bond.
  • Repositionable placement: The Differential Tape’s properties enable it to be removed and repositioned without leaving behind residue or damaging the surfaces. This is especially useful in applications where precise positioning is essential.
  • Bonding two different substrates: In cases where one substrate is easy to adhere to and the other is difficult, the Differential Tape’s different adhesives cater to both scenarios. This makes it a convenient solution for joining dissimilar materials or surfaces with varying adhesive requirements.

Due to its unique characteristics, Differential Tape is a versatile product that finds applications in industries like graphic design, product prototyping, manufacturing, crafting, art, and other situations where temporary or adjustable bonding is needed before committing to a permanent bond.

What applications would a Differential Tape be used for?

A Differential Tape’s unique properties make it well-suited for various applications where different adhesive characteristics are required on each side of the tape.

  • Temporary Bonding
    • One of the primary uses of a Differential Tape is for temporary bonding or holding applications. It allows for easy repositioning of materials before committing to a permanent bond. This feature is valuable in industries like graphic design, crafting, and packaging prototypes, where precise placement is crucial, and adjustments might be necessary.
  • Graphic Design and Signage
    • In the graphic design industry, Differential Tapes are used for mounting posters, banners, and artwork. The temporary adhesive side enables easy repositioning during the installation process, ensuring accurate alignment. Once the perfect positioning is achieved, the permanent adhesive side securely bonds the material.
  • Temporary Fastening
    • In product assembly or manufacturing processes, Differential Tapes can be used for temporary fastening of components or parts during the production stage. The temporary adhesive side allows for adjustments and easy removal without leaving residue or damaging surfaces.
  • Bonding Different Substrates
    • A key advantage of Differential Tapes is their ability to bond two different substrates where one is easy to adhere to and the other is difficult. For instance, it can be used to join a smooth surface with a rough or uneven one.
  • Arts and Crafts
    • In the arts and crafts domain, Differential Tapes are employed for projects that require precision and flexibility in positioning, such as creating collages, scrapbooking, and other creative works.
  • Exhibition and Trade Shows
    • Differential Tapes are commonly used in setting up displays, exhibits, and trade show booths. They allow for easy installation and repositioning of graphics and signage without damaging surfaces or leaving residues.
  • Home and Office Applications
    • In daily life, differential tapes can be used for temporary mounting of lightweight objects, hanging decorations, or positioning items like posters or notes on walls or doors.

Why is a Silicone Acrylic Differential Tape so common?

A Silicone Acrylic Differential Tape is commonly used for several reasons due to its unique combination of properties and versatility.

  • Dual Adhesive System – The Silicone Acrylic Differential Tape has different adhesives on each side of the carrier. The silicone adhesive typically provides low-tack and repositionable properties, while the acrylic adhesive offers higher adhesion and excellent bonding strength. This dual adhesive system makes it ideal for applications where temporary holding and permanent bonding are both required.
  • Repositionable and Residue-Free – The silicone adhesive side of the tape allows for easy repositioning of materials during application. It can be lifted and re-applied without leaving residue or damaging surfaces. This characteristic is particularly valuable when precision and adjustments are necessary during the bonding process.
  • Strong and Durable Bond – The silicone adhesive offers a permanent bond to silicone coated surfaces, silicone rubber and silicone sponge while the acrylic adhesive provides a strong and durable bond to stainless steel, aluminum and a variety of other surfaces. Making it suitable for permanent bonding applications. It creates a reliable attachment between various substrates, ensuring long-lasting results.
  • Versatile Applications – The combination of repositionable and permanent bonding capabilities makes Silicone Acrylic Differential Tape versatile and applicable in various industries. It is commonly used in graphic design, signage, product prototyping, crafts, and temporary fastening in manufacturing processes.
  • Compatibility with Different Surfaces – The Silicone Acrylic Differential Tape is designed to be compatible with various surfaces, including smooth, rough, or uneven substrates. This makes it suitable for bonding materials with different textures and properties.
  • Temperature and UV Resistance – Silicone adhesives are known for their resistance to high temperatures and UV radiation, while acrylic adhesives also provide good temperature stability. As a result, silicone acrylic differential tape can perform well in outdoor or challenging environments.
  • Ease of Use – The convenience of having two different adhesives on one tape simplifies the bonding process. Users don’t need to use separate tapes or adhesives for different aspects of an application, saving time and effort.
  • Clean Removal – When the tape needs to be removed, it typically comes off cleanly, without leaving adhesive residues on the surfaces. This is beneficial, especially in temporary bonding applications or when changes are required in a project.

What are the best tapes for low surface energy surfaces?

Low surface energy materials, such as wood, polyester fabric, polyethylene and polypropylene, can be challenging for standard tapes to adhere to due to their non-porous and non-stick nature. However, there are tapes specifically designed to adhere to low surface energy surfaces.

Here are some types of tapes known for their effectiveness on low surface energy materials:

  • Acrylic Foam Tapes

Usage: Ideal for bonding to low surface energy plastics, such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

Features: Acrylic foam tapes provide a strong bond and conform well to irregular surfaces. They are commonly used for automotive applications and outdoor mounting.

  • Double Coated PSA Tapes

Usage: Suitable for bonding to low surface energy materials in industrial and manufacturing applications.

Features: Some tapes are formulated with high-performance adhesives designed to provide strong adhesion to challenging surfaces, including low surface energy plastics.

  • Specialized Bonding Tapes, like Polyurethane or Glass Cloth

Usage: Specifically designed for challenging surfaces, including low surface energy materials.

Features: Some tapes are engineered with special formulations to enhance bonding to low surface energy substrates. They may also offer resistance to temperature extremes, UV rays and chemicals.

  • VHB Hi Bond Tapes

Usage: Known for bonding to a variety of surfaces, including low surface energy plastics.

Features: VHB (Very High Bond) tapes are double-sided acrylic foam tapes that provide strong and durable bonds. They are commonly used in construction, automotive, and electronics applications.

  • Silicone Adhesive Tapes

Usage: Suitable for bonding to silicone surfaces and some low surface energy plastics.

Features: Silicone adhesive tapes may offer good adhesion to certain low surface energy materials and provide resistance to high temperatures.

When selecting a tape for low surface energy materials, it’s crucial to choose a product that is specifically designed for this purpose.

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