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Elite Tape offers an extensive line of double coated paper tapes in different thickness’ and adhesion levels for Industrial and General Purpose Bonding, Splicing, Laminating and Mounting applications.   We stock both permanent and removable Rubber based adhesive systems with specialized formulas for bonding to LSE & HSE Plastics, Metals, Fabrics, Wood Substrates and many more.  Elite’s Paper tapes provide excellent temperature resistance ranging from 150F up to 320F and exceptional shear strength for use in Corrugating/Splicing, Industrial Bonding, Foam & Gasket Laminating applications.  Also used for general purpose Fastening & Bonding in the POP Display, Trophy, Award, Sign & Framing industries.


Elite Tape offers the most extensive line of Double Coated Tapes in the market.  Whether you’re bonding, splicing, mounting or laminating, Elite Tape offers the right product for your application needs.  We partner with the top manufacturers both domestically and overseas to provide the largest product offering with the highest quality products.  Partners like 3M, Scapa, Berry Plastics, IPG and Shurtape to name a few.  In addition, Elite Tape has the unique ability to convert any of our double coated tapes into machine length long rolls for continuous processing, die-cut pieces for easy use and with a finger lift option for easy removal of liner.  The applications for double coated tapes are endless:

  • Carpet installation (permanent and short term)
  • Convention tape
  • Splicing in web processing applications
  • Tail tabbing finished rolls for a complete finish
  • Core starting
  • Bag sealing tapes for permanent and resealable bags
  • Golf grip tape
  • Plastic extrusion applications



What is Double Coated Paper Tape?

Double Coated Paper Tape is a type of specialty adhesive tape that consists of a paper backing with adhesive applied to both sides. This design allows the tape to stick to two surfaces simultaneously, creating a bond between them. The adhesive is usually covered by release liners on both sides of the tape to protect the adhesive until it’s ready to be used.

The paper backing used in Double Coated Paper Tape can vary in thickness and quality, depending on the intended application. The adhesive applied to the paper backing can also vary, with options including rubber-based, acrylic-based, or other specialized adhesives. The choice of adhesive depends on factors such as the surfaces being bonded, the environmental conditions the tape will be exposed to, and the desired level of adhesion strength.

It’s important to note that the holding capacity and durability of Double Coated Paper Tape may not be as high as other types of Double Coated Tapes with plastic film backings. Paper backings can be more susceptible to moisture, tearing, and other factors that might affect the tape’s performance over time. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the appropriate tape based on the specific needs of your application.

What applications work best with Double Coated Paper Tape?

Double Coated Paper Tape is best suited for applications that require lightweight bonding and where the characteristics of paper as a backing material are advantageous. While it may not have the same strength and durability as other types of double coated tapes with plastic film backings, it can be quite useful in specific situations.

Here are some applications that work well with Double Coated Paper Tape:

  • Splicing: Double Coated Paper Tape is also used in some industrial applications for splicing or joining paper and film materials.
  • Print Finishing: In the printing industry, paper tape can be used to join sheets of paper or cardstock during print finishing processes, such as assembling brochures, pamphlets, or booklets.
  • Photography and Scrapbooking: Paper tape is often used by photographers and scrapbook enthusiasts to attach prints, photographs, and other paper-based elements to albums, displays, and layouts.
  • Temporary Decorations: It can be used to attach lightweight decorations, banners, or signs for temporary displays in environments like classrooms, offices, or events.
  • Bookbinding: It can be used in bookbinding applications to attach covers, endpapers, and other components.
  • Light Packaging: In some cases, Double Coated Paper Tape can be used for light packaging applications where the bonding strength needed is minimal.
  • Mounting: For lightweight objects, Double Coated Paper Tape can be used to mount items such as lightweight posters, paper displays, or nameplates to walls or surfaces.
  • Stationery: Double Coated Paper Tape is suitable for attaching inserts, brochures, or promotional materials to stationery products like notebooks, folders, and binders.
  • Scrapbooking and Card Making: Crafters often use this tape for creating scrapbook pages, handmade cards, and other paper-based crafts due to its ease of use and ability to bond paper without excessive strength.
  • Arts and Crafts: Double Coated Paper Tape is commonly used in arts and crafts projects. It can be used to bond paper, cardboard, lightweight fabrics, and other crafting materials together. Its easy tearability by hand can be convenient in craft projects.

It’s important to note that Double Coated Paper Tape may not be suitable for applications that require a strong and permanent bond or where exposure to moisture or harsh environmental conditions is a concern. If you’re uncertain whether Double Coated Paper Tape is the right choice for your application, consider the materials you’re working with, the intended use, and the required bonding strength before making a decision.

How is Double Coated Paper Tape Different from Double Coated Film Tape or Double Coated Tissue Tape?

Double Coated Paper Tape, Double Coated Film Tape, and Double Coated Tissue Tape are all types of adhesive tapes, but they differ in terms of their backing materials, adhesive formulations, and intended applications.

Double Coated Paper Tape

Backing Material: The backing of Double Coated Paper Tape is made of paper. It can vary in thickness and quality, depending on the specific application.

Adhesive: Adhesive is applied to both sides of the paper backing, allowing it to bond to two surfaces simultaneously.

Common Applications: Double Coated Paper Tape is often used in print finishing, bookbinding, arts and crafts projects, and stationery applications where lightweight bonding is required. It’s generally not as strong or durable as other types of Double Coated Tapes.

Strengths: Suitable for lightweight applications, crafting, and temporary bonding. Often easy to tear by hand.

Double Coated Film Tape

Backing Material: The backing of Double Coated Film Tape is made of plastic film, such as polyester, polyethylene, or polypropylene.

Adhesive: Similar to other double coated tapes, adhesive is applied to both sides of the film backing.

Common Applications: Double Coated Film Tape is used in various industries for applications requiring stronger bonds, such as mounting displays, automotive assembly, electronics manufacturing, and construction.

Strengths: Offers better strength and durability compared to paper tape, often with higher holding capacities. Resistant to moisture and environmental factors.

Double Coated Tissue Tape

Backing Material: Double Coated Tissue Tape uses a tissue paper backing, which is lightweight and has good conformability.

Adhesive: Adhesive is applied to both sides of the tissue paper backing.

Common Applications: Double Coated Tissue Tape is used in situations where conformability and flexibility are important, such as for attaching irregular surfaces, nameplates, and splicing paper or non-wovens.

Strengths: Provides a balance between conformability and bonding strength. Can be easily torn by hand, making it useful in certain applications.

Are all Double Coated Tapes permanent?

No, not all Double Coated Tapes are permanent. Double-sided tapes come in a variety of formulations and adhesive strengths, designed to cater to different bonding needs, ranging from temporary to permanent applications.

  • Permanent Double-Sided Tapes: These tapes are designed to create strong and long-lasting bonds. They are used when a durable and reliable connection is required, and they may be challenging to remove without damaging surfaces or leaving residue behind. These tapes are often used in industrial applications, construction, automotive assembly, and more.
  • Removable or Temporary Double-Sided Tapes: Removable double-sided tapes are formulated to provide a bond that can be easily removed without damaging surfaces or leaving significant residue. They are commonly used for applications where the bond is needed for a limited time or where flexibility and clean removal are important. Applications might include temporary signage, event decorations, or mounting lightweight items.
  • Repositionable Double-Sided Tapes: These tapes offer a middle ground between permanence and removability. They allow for initial bonding while still allowing repositioning before the bond becomes more permanent. They are often used in crafts, art projects, and applications where adjustments are needed during the initial setup.

Do Golf Club Grips use Double Coated Paper Tape?

Golf club grips often use Double Coated Paper Tape as an integral part of the grip installation process. Double Coated Paper Tape serves as a temporary bonding solution to secure the grip to the golf club shaft until a more permanent adhesive, like grip tape solvent, is applied.

  • Preparation: Before installing a new grip on a golf club, the old grip needs to be removed if present. The club shaft is cleaned and prepped to ensure a clean surface for the new grip.
  • Double Coated Paper Tape Application: Once the club shaft is prepared, a layer of Double Coated Paper Tape is applied to the shaft. This tape is typically wider than the eventual width of the grip and is applied longitudinally along the shaft. The paper tape provides a temporary bond and helps prevent the grip from twisting or slipping during the installation process.
  • Applying Grip Tape Solvent: After the Double Coated Paper Tape is applied, a grip tape solvent is often used. This solvent is applied to the tape and the inside of the grip to temporarily lubricate the surfaces, allowing the grip to slide onto the shaft more easily.
  • Sliding on the Grip: With the tape and solvent in place, the new grip is carefully slid onto the club shaft. The solvent reduces friction between the grip and the tape, allowing for a smooth installation.
  • Adjustment: Once the grip is on the shaft, the golfer can make any necessary adjustments to the grip’s alignment before the solvent starts to evaporate.
  • Drying and Bonding: As the solvent evaporates, the adhesive on the Double Coated Paper Tape starts to bond with the grip and the shaft. The grip becomes more securely attached over time.
  • Curing: To ensure a strong and durable bond, the grip needs time to cure. This might involve waiting for a few hours or overnight, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Removal of Excess Tape: After the grip is fully cured, any excess Double Coated Paper Tape extending beyond the grip can be trimmed and removed.

Double Coated Paper Tape in this context provides a temporary bonding solution that helps during the grip installation process, offering stability and preventing slippage while the grip cures onto the club shaft.

What other industries use Double Coated Paper Tape?

Double Coated Paper Tape finds applications beyond golf club grips and the crafting world. It is used in various industries where lightweight bonding, ease of use, and temporary attachment are important.

  • Office Supplies: Double coated paper tape is used for attaching inserts, brochures, promotional materials, and lightweight decorations to stationery products like notebooks, folders, and binders.
  • Print and Packaging: In the printing industry, paper tape can be used for temporary splicing of paper rolls, securing print samples, and other print finishing applications.
  • Photography and Display: Photographers use paper tape to mount prints, artwork, and photographs for temporary displays, exhibitions, and portfolios.
  • Events and Exhibitions: Paper tape is often used for attaching lightweight banners, posters, and signs to walls, displays, and booths at events, trade shows, and exhibitions.
  • Retail and Visual Merchandising: Retail environments use paper tape to attach lightweight promotional materials, shelf labels, and price tags to displays and products.

Does the Trophy and Awards Industry use Double Coated Paper Tape?

Yes, the trophy and awards industry can use Double Coated Paper tape in certain applications. While not as common as in some other industries, Double Coated Paper Tape can have a place in this industry for specific bonding needs.

  • Mounting Plaques and Plates: Double Coated Paper Tape can be used to temporarily attach metal or plastic plaques or plates to trophies, awards, or recognition items. This can allow for easy replacement or customization of the plaques without the need for permanent bonding.
  • Temporary Decorations: For themed events or special occasions, the industry might use Double Coated Paper Tape to attach temporary decorations, ribbons, or lightweight embellishments to trophies or award items.
  • Pre-Assembly: In cases where trophies or awards have multiple components that need to be assembled before distribution, Double Coated Paper Tape might be used for temporary attachment during the assembly process.
  • Displays and Exhibitions: Double Coated Paper Tape can be used to attach lightweight banners, signage, or informational materials to displays or booths at award ceremonies, trade shows, or exhibitions.
  • Engraving & Routering: Double Coated Paper Tape is used as a temporary hold onto the backside of the plaque or award to the router table. This ensures the plaque or award base will not shift or move during routering or engraving yet can be removed cleanly from both the surface piece and the router table when the job is completed.
  • Temporary Customization: If an award or trophy needs to be customized or personalized before being presented, Double Coated Paper Tape can be used to temporarily attach custom labels, nameplates, or other decorative elements.

It’s important to note that the trophy and awards industry might use various types of adhesives and bonding methods depending on the specific requirements of each project. While Double Coated Paper Tape can have its applications, other more specialized tapes or bonding solutions might also be used, especially when stronger and more permanent bonds are required for certain materials or situations.

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