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Elite 509A is a 4.0 mil. green double coated non-woven tissue tape saturated with a water-soluble pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. This product has extremely high tack making it ideal for splicing applications, even at low temperatures. The high temperature resistance keeps the splice intact during drying processes. The tape resists humidity for a limited period of time, although it is designed to be water-soluble. The release liner allows easy tearing of the excess paper in the splice area.


Elite Tape offers the most extensive line of Double Coated Tapes in the market.  Whether you’re bonding, splicing, mounting or laminating, Elite Tape offers the right product for your application needs.  We partner with the top manufacturers both domestically and overseas to provide the largest product offering with the highest quality products.  Partners like 3M, Scapa, Berry Plastics, IPG and Shurtape to name a few.  In addition, Elite Tape has the unique ability to convert any of our double coated tapes into machine length long rolls for continuous processing, die-cut pieces for easy use and with a finger lift option for easy removal of liner.  The applications for double coated tapes are endless:

  • Carpet installation (permanent and short term)
  • Convention tape
  • Splicing in web processing applications
  • Tail tabbing finished rolls for a complete finish
  • Core starting
  • Bag sealing tapes for permanent and resealable bags
  • Golf grip tape
  • Plastic extrusion applications


What is Repulpable Tape?

Repulpable Tape is a type of adhesive tape that is designed to be easily recycled or repulped with paper waste. The tape can be either Single Sided or Double Sided. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic-based tapes, which can contaminate the recycling process and cause issues for paper recycling facilities.

Repulpable Tape is typically made from renewable resources such as paper or biodegradable materials. The adhesive used in this type of tape is water-based and does not contain any non-recyclable components. This allows the tape to dissolve and disintegrate during the recycling process, ensuring that it can be effectively separated from the paper fibers and does not interfere with the recycling of the paper.

The main advantage of Repulpable Tape is its recyclability. It can be easily incorporated into the paper recycling stream without causing complications or degrading the quality of the recycled paper. By using Repulpable Tape, businesses and individuals can contribute to waste reduction and support sustainable packaging practices.

Repulpable Tape is commonly used in packaging and splicing applications, especially in industries that prioritize eco-friendly practices and sustainable packaging solutions. It can be used for sealing cartons, boxes, and other packaging materials, providing secure closure while maintaining recyclability.

What is Repulpable Tape used for?

Repulpable Tape is used for a variety of applications where a temporary or recyclable adhesive solution is required.

  • Packaging: Repulpable Tape is widely used in packaging applications, particularly in industries that prioritize sustainable packaging solutions. It can be used to seal cartons, boxes, and other packaging materials, providing secure closure while maintaining recyclability. This tape is especially beneficial in industries that deal with paper-based packaging, as it can be easily recycled along with the paper waste.
  • Splicing: Repulpable Tape is specifically designed for splicing applications in the paper and printing industry. It is used to join two webs or rolls of paper together during the production process, allowing for continuous processing without interruptions.
  • Paper Recycling: Repulpable Tape plays a crucial role in the paper recycling process. When paper waste is collected for recycling, it is often necessary to bundle or secure the materials. Repulpable Tape can be used for this purpose, allowing the paper to be held together during transportation and processing. Since the tape is designed to dissolve and disintegrate in the recycling process, it does not interfere with the recycling of the paper fibers.
  • Temporary Hold: Repulpable Tape is also useful for temporary bonding or securing applications. It can be used to temporarily hold together papers, documents, or other lightweight materials without leaving residue or damaging the surface. This makes it a convenient choice for office environments, temporary displays, or situations where a temporary adhesive solution is needed.
  • Eco-friendly Projects: Repulpable Tape is often used in eco-friendly or sustainable projects that prioritize recyclability and reduce waste. It can be utilized in various craft and DIY projects, including paper-based artwork, scrapbooking, or any application where a recyclable adhesive is desired.

What is the difference between repulpable and recyclable?

The terms “repulpable” and “recyclable” refer to different aspects of a material’s environmental impact and disposal options

  • Repulpable
    • Repulpable refers specifically to a material’s ability to be broken down and incorporated into the paper recycling process. Repulpable materials, such as repulpable tape, are designed to dissolve and disintegrate in water during the recycling process. They do not interfere with the recycling of paper fibers and can be effectively separated from the pulp. Repulpable materials are primarily used in paper-based applications to ensure their recyclability and minimize waste. Repulpable materials are a subset of recyclable materials, specifically designed for effective recycling within the paper industry.
  • Recyclable
    • Recyclable, on the other hand, is a broader term that encompasses the ability of a material to be collected, processed, and used again to make new products. Recyclable materials are those that can be sorted, cleaned, and transformed into new items through recycling processes. This can include various materials such as paper, plastics, metals, glass, and more. The recycling capabilities of different materials can vary, and each material may require specific recycling processes or facilities.

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