Brown Flatback

Elite 530 is a 7.2 mil. Brown Kraft Flatback Tape with aggressive rubber adhesive. This product has a high strength moisture resistant heavy duty backing. Excellent choice for heavy duty carton sealing, packaging, picture framing border tape, splicing and tabbing. Industry standard for tail tabbing paper rolls in the corrugated industry. Economical choice for brown flatback tape. Elite 530 is an alternative to Shurtape FP-97,

Colored Flatback

Elite 527C is a Printable Colored Flatback Paper Tape with aggressive rubber adhesive. This product was designed with a smooth paper backing to accept high quality printing. This tape exhibits a nice and easy unwind for high speed printing flexographic printing. Excellent choice for color coding, identification (write-on) tape where a stronger paper tape is needed. Stocked in 6 bright color choices. Elite 527C is an alternative to Shurtape 227,

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Elite Tape offers a wide variety of Flatback Paper Tapes. We offer 3 Brown Flatback Paper Tapes from economical to premium. Our Elite #532 is our most economical of the 3 with a soft buttery release unwind and quick stick rubber adhesive system. Elite #532 is ideal choice when you need a tape that has more strength than a paper masking tape but at a much more affordable cost vs. heavy duty flatback tape. Elite #530 is our most popular brown flatback tape and offers an excellent combination of strength, conformability and value. It is our leader when used in the manufacturing of corrugated boxes. Elite #534 is a step up in performance from our #530 and is offered as our “Premium” brown flatback tape. Elite #534 is the industry leader in brown flatback tapes. All 3 of our flatbacks are stocked in master “jumbo” rolls 58″ wide x 2000 yds in length. This allows us the unique ability to provide custom widths and long length machine rolls for continuous processing applications.

Elite Tape also offers 2 “Colored” Flatback Paper Tapes.  Our Elite #527C is our “Printable” colored flatback paper tape. We offer this in 6 bright colorful stock colors; (White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange & Yellow).  We stock master “jumbo” rolls 57″ x 1440 yds so we have the ability to convert these into printer rolls 6″ & 12″ wide x long length for continuous printing applications or other custom sizes. Our Elite #546C is our heavy duty colored flatback paper tape that is moisture resistant and ideal for applications requiring a color for identification but also the strength of a flatback paper.

Some additional uses for our flatback paper tapes include:

  • Tail tabbing large rolls of paper or film
  • Core starting of papers, films and flexible packaging materials
  • Splicing of lightweight to heavy duty papers and films
  • Backing tape in the picture framing industry
  • Heavy duty carton sealing applications
  • Beaming & leasing applications
  • Bundling applications
  • Direct printing applications
  • Bookbinding applications
  • Decorative display and color identification for splicing


What is Flatback Tape?

Flatback Tape is a type of specialty adhesive tape that features a flat and smooth kraft paper backing that is not creped like standard crepe paper masking tapes.  It is characterized by its strong adhesive properties, durability, and resistance to curling or wrinkling.

Some key features of flatback tape:

  • Backing: The backing of Flatback Tape is typically made of paper. The paper backing provides strength, rigidity, and stability to the tape, making it easier to handle and apply.
  • Adhesive: Flatback Tape is known for its aggressive adhesive properties. It is often coated with a rubber-based adhesive, which offers strong bonding to a wide range of surfaces. The adhesive provides excellent adhesion and tackiness, allowing the tape to adhere securely to various materials.
  • Strength and Durability: Flatback Tape is designed to be strong and durable. It offers good tensile strength and tear resistance, making it suitable for applications that require reliable holding power. The tape can withstand moderate tension and is less likely to stretch or break under pressure.
  • Versatility: Flatback Tape is versatile and finds applications in various industries. It is commonly used for packaging and sealing, splicing of papers or cardboard, bundling, tabbing, and other general-purpose applications where a strong and reliable adhesive is required.
  • Non-reflective: Flatback Tape typically has a matte or non-reflective finish, which makes it suitable for applications where a shiny or glossy appearance is not desired. This feature makes it useful in scenarios where visibility or aesthetics are important.

What are the most common uses for Flatback Tape?

Flatback tape is widely used in various industries. Its versatility, strength, and adhesive properties make it a popular choice in industries where reliable bonding, sealing, or securing is required. Flatback tapes are pressure-sensitive, so they have a stronger hold than masking tape. The heavy-duty adhesion can aid in various applications — from splicing and tabbing to packaging. You can tear most versions by hand or use them in automated devices and machines.

  • Packaging and Sealing: Flatback Tape is commonly used for packaging and sealing applications. It provides secure closure for boxes, cartons, and other packaging materials, ensuring that they stay sealed during storage, transit, or shipping.
  • Splicing and Tabbing: In the paper and printing industry, Flatback Tape is often used for splicing papers, films, or cardboard. It helps join two materials together securely, allowing for continuous processing without interruptions. Flatback tape is also used for tabbing purposes, providing an easy way to attach tabs or markers to documents or other materials.
  • Picture Framing: Flatback Tape is commonly used in picture framing to secure the artwork or photographs within the frame. It offers a strong bond and clean removal without causing damage or leaving residue on the artwork.
  • Masking and Painting: Due to its strong adhesive properties and clean removal, flatback tape is frequently used in painting and masking applications. It can be applied to create clean paint lines, mask off areas, or secure protective coverings during painting or surface treatment processes.
  • Bundling and Strapping: Flatback Tape is suitable for bundling and strapping applications. It can be used to hold together and secure multiple items or materials, such as cables, wires, or packaging materials.
  • Labeling and Marking: Flatback Tape can be used for labeling and marking purposes. It provides a reliable surface for writing or printing information, and its strong adhesive ensures that labels or markings stay in place.
  • Crafts and DIY Projects: Flatback Tape is often used in crafts and DIY projects due to its versatility and easy handling. It can be used for various creative purposes, such as scrapbooking, card making, and art projects.

Is Flatback Tape recyclable?

The recyclability of Flatback Tape depends on the specific materials used in its construction. The paper backing of Flatback Tape is coated with a solvent-based release coating on the topside and filled with solvent-based chemical saturants which stabilize the surface for adhesive coating.  These types of backings and adhesives can hinder the recycling process and may not be the best candidate for applications that require an eco-friendly option.

To determine the recyclability of Flatback Tape, it’s best to check with your local recycling facility or waste management guidelines.

In cases where flatback tape is not recyclable in your local recycling system, it’s still possible to choose eco-friendly options, such as repulpable tape or other recyclable alternatives, that are specifically designed for easy recycling or repulping with paper waste.

Why is brown Flatback Paper Tape so popular for packaging and carton sealing?

Brown Flatback Paper Tape, also known as Kraft paper tape, is popular for packaging and carton sealing due to several reasons:

  • Strength and Durability: Brown Flatback Paper Tape is made from a strong, thick paper backing that provides excellent tensile strength and tear resistance. It is designed to withstand the rigors of packaging and shipping, offering reliable sealing and secure closure for boxes and cartons.
  • Adhesive Properties: Flatback Paper Tape is typically coated with a strong rubber-based adhesive. This adhesive offers excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces, including cardboard, paper, and other packaging materials. It creates a secure bond that holds the packaging together during transit and handling.
  • Compatibility with Recycled Materials: Brown Flatback Paper Tape is often preferred in sustainable packaging practices because it blends well with recycled packaging materials. The brown color of the tape matches the natural look of recycled cardboard, giving a cohesive and environmentally friendly appearance.
  • Easy Handling: Flatback Paper Tape is easy to handle and tear by hand, eliminating the need for additional tools or dispensers. It can be quickly and efficiently applied, saving time and effort during the packaging process.
  • Clean Removal: When it comes time to open the package, Brown Flatback Paper Tape is easy to remove without leaving residue or damaging the surface of the packaging. This is particularly important for cases where the packaging will be reused or recycled.
  • Aesthetics: Brown Flatback Paper Tape provides a natural and minimalist look to packaging, giving it a rustic or eco-friendly appeal. It is often used for products that align with sustainable or organic branding, enhancing the overall presentation.

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