Hard work and dedication are the cornerstones of any successful person, and we would like to take a moment to spotlight one of our amazingly hardworking employees, Tyrone Walker. As a Machine Operator, Tyrone is a strong backbone to our team and helps to keep everyone motivated and productive.

Tyrone began his journey at Elite Tape in 2018 as a part-time employee, working one day a week. He has an extensive background as a Machine Operator and spent much of his career operating printing machines. A mutual connection between Tyrone and John Rittenhouse, owner of Elite Tape, referred him to help operate Elite’s machines that slit and cut specialty tapes. As Elite Tape started to grow and receive more and more business, they asked Tyrone to join the team full-time.

“Throughout my 30-year career, I think I’ve run every style and type of printing machine out there,” said Tyrone. “So, it was a somewhat hard decision to join Elite Tape full-time because I had worked in printing for so long.” Although the decision to transition away from printing was bittersweet for Tyrone, he knew it was the right decision and has had zero regrets ever since.

“Working part-time for John was the best time of my life,” said Tyrone. “It wasn’t that I knew I would miss printing, but it was just the fear factor of saying goodbye to something I had done for so many years of my life.” Once he got over the initial fear and stepped outside of his comfort zone of printing, Tyrone started to feel as though he stumbled upon his dream job at Elite Tape.

As a Machine Operator at Elite Tape, Tyrone has managed to learn the ins and outs of all the machines. He truly is an all-around amazing employee and has the experience and expertise to run just about everything on the floor. Tyrone’s work ethic and positive attitude are just a couple of the many qualities we admire about him. He truly looks forward to running the machines every day and his passion shines through with every conversation shared.

“In my past jobs, it was often tough to keep focus. Elite Tape and the leadership we have here keeps me motivated,” said Tyrone. “There is a good variety of machines, so every day is different. It keeps things interesting. I can say that I have a love, joy, and passion for operating them.” Tyrone also finds joy in the friendships he has made since joining the Elite Tape family. “There is a sense of togetherness here. Everyone jumps in and helps when needed. It’s just excellent,” he said.

In his free time, Tyrone enjoys spending time with his family including his wife, their children, and their grandchildren. He is a lover of the outdoors and if he could, he would fish every day of his life. He also enjoys hunting, camping, and gardening.

Tyrone, congratulations and thank you for being our June Employee Spotlight! We’re so lucky to have you as a part of our amazing team.

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