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Elite Tape offers an extensive line of PTFE film tapes. PTFE tapes are also commonly referred to as Teflon Tape or Teflon PTFE film tape. Our Elite #923S is our premium 2 mil. “extruded” PTFE film tape. PTFE extruded film tape has superior characteristics that offers longer application times resulting in less change over and down time. Skived PTFE film tapes are the most popular and Elite stocks 5 different skived PTFE tapes. We offer each of our skived PTFE tapes in a variety of thicknesses in acrylic and silicone adhesives. We offer these in log rolls 20″-38″ wide so that we can offer our customers custom cut sizes and low minimums to purchase.


Elite Tape offers an extensive line of PTFE & UHMW film tapes.  Elite PTFE film tapes are offered with a High-Density PTFE film carrier in different thicknesses coated with a high performance, high temperature silicone adhesive system for insulative and mechanical applications. Elite also offers glass coated PTFE film tapes with silicone.

UHMW tapes are a nice alternative for Skived PTFE tapes when elevated higher temperatures are not present. All of our PTFE tapes provide high tensile strength, low elongation and high temperature & high dielectric strength resistance.

All of our PTFE & UHMW tapes are stocked in log form, 20″-48″ wide x 18 yds – 36 yds in length.  Elite Tape offers small 1-2 roll minimums with quick turnaround to ship in 1-2 days. Small minimums, quick turnaround at an excellent value allows us to service and solve our customer’s problems and demands. Please contact us with any questions.

Some of the more popular PTFE & UHMW tape applications include:

  • Harness & coil wrapping in transformer and motor manufacturing
  • Heat seal bar insulation in the food packaging business
  • Chute liner protection in the food and mechanical processing industry
  • Anti-friction roller wrap applications in commercial printing and flexible packaging industry
  • Mold release and plow bar applications where high temperatures are present


What is PTFE Film Tape?

PTFE Film tape, also known as Teflon film tape, is a type of adhesive tape that is made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE is a synthetic fluoropolymer known for its excellent nonstick properties, high-temperature resistance, and low friction.

  • Nonstick Properties
    • PTFE film tape has exceptional nonstick properties, making it ideal for applications where low friction and easy release are required. It has a low coefficient of friction, preventing sticking to surfaces and minimizing frictional resistance.
  • High-Temperature Resistance
    • PTFE film tape can withstand high temperatures without melting or degrading. It has excellent thermal stability, typically withstanding temperatures ranging from -100°C to 260°C (-148°F to 500°F), depending on the specific tape.
  • Chemical Resistance
    • PTFE film tape is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, bases, solvents, and oils. It is unaffected by most chemicals, making it suitable for applications involving exposure to corrosive or harsh environments.
  • Electrical Insulation
    • PTFE film tape exhibits excellent electrical insulation properties. It has a high dielectric strength and low dissipation factor, making it an ideal choice for electrical insulation applications, such as wrapping wires or cables.
  • Dimensional Stability
    • PTFE film tape maintains its shape and properties even under stress or extreme temperatures. It has excellent dimensional stability, which allows it to retain its integrity and performance in demanding conditions.

What is PTFE Film Tape used for?

PTFE film tape, also known as Teflon film tape, is used for a wide range of applications due to its unique properties.

  • Nonstick Surfaces: PTFE film tape is widely used in applications that require a nonstick surface. It can be applied to heat-sealing equipment, conveyor belts, cooking surfaces, and baking sheets to prevent sticking of adhesive materials, food products, or other substances.
  • Heat Sealing: PTFE film tape is commonly used in heat sealing applications. It acts as a release surface between heated elements and the materials being sealed, allowing for easy release without sticking. It is often employed in packaging, heat sealing machines, and other industrial processes.
  • Electrical Insulation: PTFE film tape exhibits excellent electrical insulation properties. It is used in the electrical industry for wrapping wires, cables, or connectors to provide a nonstick and heat-resistant layer. PTFE film tape helps protect against electrical shorts and insulates against high temperatures.
  • Packaging and Manufacturing: PTFE film tape is utilized in various packaging and manufacturing processes. It can be applied to machinery components to reduce friction, prevent sticking, and improve product flow. PTFE film tape is commonly used in packaging machinery, conveyors, chutes, and guide rails.
  • Printing and Graphics: PTFE film tape finds application in the printing and graphics industry. It is used as a nonstick surface on heat presses, laminating rollers, and other equipment. PTFE film tape prevents ink or adhesives from sticking to the equipment, allowing for smooth operation and easy cleanup.
  • Release Liners: PTFE film tape is used as a release liner for adhesive-backed materials, such as tapes, labels, and decals. It provides a nonstick surface that allows for easy release of the adhesive without leaving residue or damaging the material.
  • Food Processing: PTFE film tape is employed in the food industry for nonstick surfaces on heat-sealing equipment, conveyor belts, baking sheets, and other food processing equipment. It helps prevent food from sticking, simplifies cleaning, and maintains hygiene standards.
  • Medical Applications: PTFE film tape is used as a release liner in surgical products such as surgical tapes, bandages, and dressings. Its nonstick properties allow for easy removal without causing damage or pain to the skin. It is used in the packaging and sealing of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. It can be used as a heat-sealing tape to create a secure and sterile barrier for medical packaging. It is also used in laboratory settings for its nonstick and chemical-resistant properties. It is commonly used to line containers, vials, and test tubes to prevent samples from sticking to the surfaces.
  • Industrial Applications: PTFE film tape finds use in various industrial applications where a nonstick surface, high-temperature resistance, or chemical resistance is required. It can be utilized in welding, sealing, sealing bars, slide surfaces, release sheets, and other industrial processes.

Does PTFE Film Tape go bad?

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) film, commonly known as Teflon film, is a highly stable and durable material. Under normal conditions, PTFE film does not degrade or go bad. It is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and environmental factors, making it highly durable and long-lasting.

However, it’s important to note that extreme conditions or improper handling can affect the performance of PTFE film.

A few factors that can potentially impact the lifespan or quality of PTFE film:

  1. Extreme Temperatures:

While PTFE film is known for its high-temperature resistance, exposing it to excessively high temperatures or rapid temperature fluctuations beyond its specified range can potentially affect its properties. It’s essential to use PTFE film within the recommended temperature limits to ensure its longevity.

  1. Mechanical Stress

PTFE film can withstand moderate mechanical stress. However, excessive stretching, folding, or abrasion can cause physical damage, such as tearing or degradation of the film. Care should be taken to handle and use PTFE film with proper precautions to avoid excessive stress.

  1. Chemical Exposure

PTFE film is highly resistant to most chemicals. However, exposure to certain aggressive chemicals or solvents beyond its chemical compatibility can potentially affect its properties. It’s advisable to review the chemical resistance chart specific to the PTFE film and ensure compatibility with the intended chemicals or environments.

  1. UV Exposure

PTFE film is resistant to UV radiation and does not degrade due to sunlight exposure. However, prolonged exposure to intense UV radiation or specific UV wavelengths can potentially cause some degradation over an extended period. This is typically not a concern for most standard applications.

Proper storage and handling of PTFE film can help maintain its quality and extend its lifespan. It’s advisable to store PTFE film in a clean and dry environment, away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and harsh chemicals.

Overall, PTFE film is a highly durable material that does not have a specific expiration date or shelf life if used within its recommended operating conditions.

What type of material is PTFE?

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a type of synthetic fluoropolymer. It is a solid material composed of carbon and fluorine atoms arranged in a polymer chain structure. PTFE is derived from tetrafluoroethylene (TFE), a colorless and odorless gas.

PTFE is biocompatible, meaning it is compatible with biological systems and does not cause adverse reactions in the body. This property makes it suitable for certain medical and pharmaceutical applications.

What are the disadvantages of PTFE tape?

PTFE Tape, commonly known as Teflon tape, is a versatile material used in many industries and numerous applications. Like any product, PTFE tape has its advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantages of PTFE Tape

Thickness Limitations: PTFE tape is relatively thin, and in some cases, multiple layers may be required to achieve a proper seal. This can lead to limitations in applications with tight clearances or large gaps between threaded connections.

Tearing or Shredding: PTFE tape can be prone to tearing or shredding if not applied properly or if excessive force is applied during the installation process. Care must be taken to wrap the tape tightly and evenly without excessive stretching.

Thread Compatibility: While PTFE tape is compatible with most pipe materials, there may be compatibility issues with certain threads, especially those made of brass or other softer materials. In such cases, alternative sealing methods may be required.

Is PTFE the strongest type of tape?

PTFE Tape, commonly known as Teflon tape, is not typically considered the strongest type of tape when it comes to tensile strength. While PTFE tape has many desirable properties such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, and nonstick properties, its strength in terms of tensile or pulling force may not be its primary characteristic.

When comparing the strength of different types of tapes, it is essential to consider the specific application and the intended purpose of the tape. Different tapes are designed with varying strengths and properties to suit specific needs.

For example, some tapes designed for structural applications, such as duct tape or fiberglass tape, may have higher tensile strength due to their reinforced backing materials. These tapes are specifically engineered to withstand significant pulling forces and provide strength and durability.

On the other hand, while PTFE tape does provide a secure seal, its strength primarily lies in its ability to resist leaks and provide chemical and temperature resistance, rather than being a tape designed for heavy-duty load-bearing or structural applications.

It’s important to choose the appropriate tape for the specific task at hand. If strength and load-bearing capacity are the primary considerations, it may be more suitable to explore tapes specifically designed for those purposes, such as reinforced tapes or specialty adhesive tapes with high tensile strength.


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