Elite Tape Terms & Conditions

Product Sales & Returns:

Elite Tape strictly conducts Business-to-Business transactions and does not collect sales tax.  All federal, state or local sales, use or other taxes, are the responsibility of the Customer.  For all Customers located in the continental USA, Elite Tape must have a copy of each Customer’s Sales Tax Resale or Exempt certificate on file as required by Illinois State law.  No order will be accepted without a certificate on file.  Products are sold with the understanding that the buyer has independently tested and determined the suitability of the product for their use.

Credit and Payment Terms:

Net terms: Customers requesting Net payment terms are required to complete the Elite Tape Account Application Form, provide at least 3 credit references, bank reference, and a copy of their state Tax Exempt or Resale certificate.  Payment terms are Net 30 days, subject to credit approval.  All Elite Tape invoices are to be paid in full by the due date.  Short payments without an approval are not permitted.  It is the Customer’s responsibility to contact Elite Tape to advise of any issues immediately following receipt of invoice.  Customers having unpaid invoices past due date, may have all open orders held until the account is current.  This includes shipment of any open orders, as well as new and future orders.  If past due invoices are paid via credit card, a 4% fee will be added.  If at any time, Elite Tape determines that Customer’s financial condition does not justify the extension of Net terms, then Elite Tape may, at its option, require cash in advance or other satisfactory security prior to shipment and reserves the right to revoke any extended terms.

Credit Card terms:  Customers requesting Credit Card payment terms are required to complete the Elite Tape Account Application Form and provide a copy of their state Tax Exempt or Resale certificate.  No order will be processed prior to receipt of this information.  Prior to order release, it is our practice to authorize funds in the amount of the PO (and any applicable estimated freight) against the credit card.  In the event that a credit card is denied, a subsequent credit card will be required before the order is released for production.  Authorization is a hold of funds only and is to ensure funds are available to capture once an order ships.  Credit cards are not charged until the funds are captured.  Funds are captured on the day of invoice.

Blanket Orders:

Blanket order terms must be acknowledged in writing by the Customer. Blanket orders are for inventory purposes only; prices are subject to change throughout the duration of the order. Blanket Order stock will be kept in inventory based on product & usage; to be determined between Elite Tape and the Customer. Blanket Order stock will be held and released as specified on the Elite Tape quote. Customers are allowed one release date deviation per blanket order with Elite Tape approval. Any release date deviation cannot exceed 30 days advance or delay of original shipment date. Elite Tape reserves the right to ship and invoice the Customer for all designated inventory that remains in stock after the final release date. Consent for any deviation from the above terms (including release dates) must be approved and in writing from an Elite Tape representative.

Acceptance of Orders:

All orders are subject to acceptance by Elite Tape. Elite Tape reserves the right to reject any order. Possession of a quote does not constitute an offer to sell. Due to fluctuating markets, all prices are subject to change without notice. Elite Tape is not obligated to provide advance notice of any price increase. Elite Tape may implement any price or continue any price already in effect, and may, at its option, cancel customer’s order or any part thereof. All orders, other than blanket orders, must ship within 30 days from receipt of order. A 30-day extension may be granted with written approval by an Elite Tape representative. If granted, all orders must ship with 60 days after receipt of order.  Any order requiring extra handling will incur a minimum $50 fee. Orders will be shipped to the address stated on the Purchase Order. Any charge received from the carrier for address corrections will be passed on to the customer.

Custom and/or Special Ordered Items:

Custom and/or special ordered items will ship immediately upon receipt of material.  Delayed shipments are not allowed.  Elite Tape reserves the right to ship any material with a (+/-15%) variance.


All merchandise delivered, including but not limited to special-order items or sizes custom slit to order, are non-returnable; except as authorized in writing by an Elite Tape representative.  All authorized returns are subject to a restocking fee of 15% of goods plus freight incurred by Elite Tape.  If authorized, Elite Tape will issue an RMA (Return Material Authorization).  This RMA is good for 30 days from day of issue.  All authorized returns must have the RMA # on all cartons and paperwork.  If the RMA # is missing, returns may be refused.  Unauthorized returns will be refused.  In the event that any returned goods are found to be within published specification, replacement and/or credit may be refused.  Any expense incurred by Elite Tape may be charged back to the Customer.  It is Elite Tape’s prerogative to rework, replace, or issue credit for any returned goods.  All invoices are payable on their due date, regardless if an RMA has been issued for the product invoiced.  Once goods are received back at Elite Tape and approved, a credit will be issued.

Roll Sizes / Tolerance:

Please note that tape rolls are NOT guaranteed to be splice-free. Rolls are cut with a +/- tolerance which will vary depending on material.  Per industry standard, rolls are cut to metric sizes unless otherwise quoted or agreed upon between Elite Tape and Customer.

Revision and Cancellations:

Under no circumstances, will Elite Tape accept any order revision and/or cancellations, including but not limited to custom converted materials and blanket orders, without the authorization from an Elite Tape representative.  Elite Tape will try to accommodate revisions and/or cancellations, but reserves the right to process, ship, and invoice all orders once they are received.  All approved revisions and/or cancellations will incur any applicable incoming & outgoing freight.

Minimum Order:

Elite Tape requires a minimum order transaction of $100 for each invoice excluding any applicable freight.

Turnaround Time:

Quoted shipped and/or delivery date are based on estimates at the time of quotation and/or confirmation.  Elite Tape shall use reasonable commercial efforts to meet such shipping and or delivery date, but Elite Tape shall not be liable for any direct or indirect costs or damages, including without limitation incidental or consequential damages, resulting from late delivery.  For orders with indefinite delivery dates, Elite Tape shall have the right to ship orders for Customer’s account pending receipt of definite shipping instructions.  Customer agrees to purchase and pay for all materials ordered.

Expedited/Rush Orders:

Should your order require less than our published or quoted turnaround time, you may incur a Break-in fee or other fees, such as Next Day Air shipment, etc.  Please reach out to your Elite Tape representative with your request.

Erroneous, Lost and/or Damaged Shipments:

Elite Tape takes great care and pride when shipping all orders.  In the event of an erroneous, lost, or damaged shipment, the following steps must be adhered to without exception.  Upon delivery, shipments must be inspected by Customer for damage, loss or shortage prior to acceptance from the carrier.

Erroneous Shipment: 

Although goods are inspected before final shipment, mistakes can happen.  In the event that you receive an erroneous shipment, Elite Tape must be notified by emailing sales@elitetape.com as quickly as possible but no later than 30 days after receipt of goods.  If Elite Tape determines you have received an erroneous shipment, a Return Material Authorization (RMA) will be issued.  All RMA’s are good for 30 days from day of issue.  All returns must have the corresponding RMA# clearly noted on all cartons.  If your RMA# is missing, the processing of goods may be delayed (which may void the RMA or the return may be refused).  If, upon inspection, it is determined that the goods are as ordered, the Customer will be responsible for all expenses incurred, including but not limited to freight.  If Elite Tape determines that replacement of goods or credit is to be issued, replacement or credit will not exceed quantity returned.  In the event that replacement goods are requested and shipped prior to receipt of the erroneous goods, an invoice will be issued for the replacement goods at time of shipment.  Any unauthorized returns will either be refused or destroyed, and credit may not be issued.

Lost or Damaged Shipments:

Inspect all goods upon receipt of shipment.

1) Suspected damage or tampering during transit, you must take photos of all four sides of the skid(s). Photos must be of the skid(s) condition at time of arrival.

2) Do not sign the delivery receipt until you have counted all cartons. IMPORTANT: you are signing for receipt of carton quantities, not skid quantities. Sign only for the number of cartons received. If that number is different than the carton quantities listed on the shipping documents, the following must be adhered to:

A) Notate the number of cartons received on the carrier’s delivery receipt
B) Have the driver verify and sign accordingly
C) Take photos of all four sides of the skid(s). Photos must be of the skid(s) condition at time of arrival.
D) Immediately notify Elite Tape by emailing all images and a copy of the signed delivery receipt to 

3) All damaged goods must be held for its inspection until notified otherwise. Elite Tape will determine whether to return the goods for rework, replacement, or credit.

4) If in doubt, refuse the shipment and notify Elite Tape immediately by emailing  the reason for refusal and supporting images and any documentation.

All claims must follow these instructions to be processed. Any claims without photos and a properly signed carrier delivery receipt will be denied. Elite Tape must receive all notifications within 24 hours of receipt of goods; any claims after received 24 hours will be denied. Elite Tape will not assume responsibility if the above steps are not followed properly and credit will be denied. Elite Tape reserves the right to arrange delivery of lost but found goods or to ship replacement goods. Elite Tape will determine whether replacement of goods or credit is to be issued. In no circumstance will replacement or credit exceed quantity lost. Claims on Collect shipments are the responsibility of the receiving party.

Freight Terms:

Elite Tape uses UPS for all its ground shipments, be it Ground or Expedited (LTL shipments excluded). In order for Elite Tape and/or our Customers to avoid unnecessary fees, any ground shipments that require using a method other than UPS, must be arranged by the Customer. All duties, import fees, or other assessments imposed on material and/or shipments outside of the continental USA shall be the responsibility of the Customer. Freight estimates are based on our negotiated rates. If shipping collect or 3rd Party, rates may vary. If shipping collect, Customer’s account number with said carrier is required. Although Elite Tape makes every effort to ship orders in full, we reserve the right to hold orders until we can ship in full. Should the Customer’s needs require partial shipment prior to availability of a full shipment, Customer is responsible for freight of the partial shipment(s). In the event a shipment requires rerouting after leaving our building, a rerouting fee of $150 in addition to any carrier fee will apply. Fee amount may vary based on circumstances. In the event we are notified by any carrier of an incorrect address and charged for the correction, the charge will be passed on to the customer.

General Shelf Life and Recommended Storage Guidelines:

Our evaluation and quality processes ensure the best-performing adhesive tape for your application, however any changes in storage or usage conditions can adversely affect performance. Please communicate any changes with your Elite Tape sales rep to receive the best advice.

Shelf life is dependent on proper storage conditions in a controlled environment with moderate temperature and humidity levels, and minimal variations in both. If variations occur, to be most effective the adhesives must return to room temperature prior to use.

Store tape products in original packaging/shipping cartons until needed. Store tape cartons upright (use carton label as reference) and on a flat surface to prevent roll damage.

  • Temperature ranges of 50-90F
  • Relative humidity range of 40-60%
  • Keep away from exposure to temperature extremes, direct sunlight, water, solvents and other contaminants
  • Rotate tape inventory on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis

Limited Warranty:

Elite Tape warrants its products to be free from defect in workmanship and material at the time of shipment.  The Customer has six (6) months from the date of shipment to notify and with authorization to return any defective merchandise.  Elite Tape’s sole obligation shall be to replace any quantity of the product which fails to meet OEM specifications or to issue a credit for such merchandise.  Before using a product, the purchaser shall determine the suitability of the product.  Purchaser assumes all risk and liability for using product.  In no event shall Elite Tape be liable for any incidental or consequential damage, including but not limited to loss of capital, loss of profit, and loss of use or production.  By receiving and using Elite Tape products, buyer consents to the foregoing and agrees to accept these terms and conditions even if they differ from the terms and conditions stated on buyer’s purchase order or any other document.