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Elite Tape’s Top Side Release Coated Polyester Silicone Tape is used for splicing release liners when a “functional” splice is required. They are coated with an ultra-high tack silicone adhesive developed specifically for splicing Silicone Release Coated Papers & Films, Pressure-Sensitive Labels & Specialty Paper in adhesive tape manufacturing and converting. These tapes provide a continuous release coated surface throughout the spliced area. Custom slit, sizes, shapes and configurations available upon request.


Elite Tape offers an extensive line of single coated film tapes with a variety of film backings and adhesive systems.  Our polyester-silicone tapes are used for splicing silicone coated papers and high temperature masking applications.  We offer these in different colors and different thickness’ depending on your application needs.   We also offer polyester-acrylic tapes, polyimide-silicone, polyester-acrylic and polyethylene-rubber. All of these products can be procesed in long length machine rolls for continuous processing.  We also offer these tapes die-cut in different designs and configurations.  There are several applications requiring our single coated film tapes:

  • High temperature masking applications
  • Plasma spray & thermal spray
  • Splicing of silicone treated papers and release liners
  • Core start and tail tabbing applications
  • Insulative coil wrapping in motor manufacturing
  • Carrier tape in electronics industry offering clean removal



What is Top Side Release Tape and how does it work?

Top Side Release Tape also known as release coated tape or functional splice tape, has a PET backing with a fluorosilicone release coated topside and a silicone adhesive system. The release coated tape serves as a splicing tape for silicone release coated films and papers. The release coating on the tape functions the same as the release coating on the film and paper, therefore the adhesive or tape applied to the liner will easily release from topside of the tape.

Here’s how Top Side Release Tape works:

  • Release Coated Carrier: The Top Side Release coated carrier is typically made from either 1 Mil. or 2 Mil. PET film. It allows for an easy release of adhesives and/or Double Coated Tapes from the top side of the carrier.
  • Protection and Handling: We offer a self-wound version without a release liner and a version with a liner that serves to protect the adhesive from dust, debris, and contamination during storage and handling. The release liner ensures that the adhesive does not stick to the top side of the carrier or other surfaces before it is ready to be applied.
  • Application: When you want to use the tape, you peel off the release liner, revealing the adhesive. The exposed adhesive is then applied to the desired surface, and pressure is applied to ensure proper bonding.
  • Bonding: The silicone adhesive on the tape creates a bond to the silicone release coated surface it’s applied to. The strength and durability of the bond depend on factors such as the materials being bonded, and the application technique.

Top Side Release Tapes are commonly used in various industries, including packaging, labeling, graphics, manufacturing, automotive, construction, and medical applications. They provide a convenient and efficient way to apply adhesive without the risk of premature bonding or contamination.

How does Top Side Release Tape work in splicing applications?

In splicing applications, Top Side Release Tape serves as a convenient and efficient tool for joining two materials together, typically in a continuous process. Splicing is commonly used in industries such as printing, paper manufacturing, film processing, and packaging, where continuous production is required. The Top Side Release Tape facilitates the joining of materials without the need to cut or trim the tape during the splicing process.

  1. Preparation

The two materials to be spliced are brought together in a “butted” manner, creating a splice region. Apply the Top Side Release Tape to the top side of the splice seam and the bottom side of the splice seam.

  1. Activation

At the desired splicing point, the release liner is removed, exposing the adhesive on the Top Side Release Tape.

  1. Joining

The adhesive side of the Top Side Release Tape is brought into contact with the other material to be spliced, effectively joining the two materials together. Pressure is applied to ensure a strong and secure bond.

  1. Continued Processing

The continuous production process can resume, with the spliced materials now joined seamlessly.

Why is Top Side Release Tape a better alternative for splicing applications?

Top Side Release Tape can be a good alternative to certain other tapes for splicing applications, especially in scenarios where continuous production and precise alignment are crucial.

  • Precision: Top Side Release Tape allows for precise alignment and placement of the splice, ensuring a seamless transition between the materials. The release liner protects the adhesive until it is applied, reducing the risk of misalignment during handling.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Using Top Side Release Tape simplifies the splicing process, eliminating the need for cutting and trimming tapes. This saves time and labor, making it ideal for high-speed continuous production lines.
  • Clean Application: The release liner on the tape protects the adhesive from dust and contaminants until the moment of application, resulting in a clean and reliable splice.
  • Durability: Top Side Release Tapes are designed to provide strong adhesion, creating a durable and long-lasting bond between the spliced materials.
  • Versatility: Top Side Release Tapes are available in various formulations to suit different materials and substrates, making them versatile for a wide range of splicing applications.
  • Consistent Thickness: The uniform thickness of Top Side Release Tape ensures consistent splices, contributing to the overall quality of the finished product.

While Top Side Release Tape is a suitable choice for many splicing applications, it may not be the best option for all scenarios. The choice of tape depends on factors such as the specific materials being spliced, the required bond strength, the environmental conditions, and any specific performance requirements.

For some applications, other tapes such as Double Sided Tapes, film tapes, or specialty splicing tapes may be more appropriate. It’s essential to consider the specific needs of the splicing application and consult with adhesive experts to select the most suitable tape for optimal performance and productivity. Additionally, conducting tests or trials with different tapes can help determine the best alternative for a particular splicing application.

Besides splicing, in what other applications could Top Side Release Tape be useful?

Top Side Release Tape, with its protective release liner and adhesive properties, is a versatile product that finds applications beyond splicing.

  • Labeling and Packaging:
    • Top Side Release Tapes are used in the labeling and packaging industry for the production of adhesive labels, stickers, and tags.
  • Graphics and Signage
    • In the graphics and signage industry, Top Side Release Tapes are used for mounting graphics, decals, and lettering applications. The tape allows for precise positioning and smooth application of graphics to various surfaces.
  • Die Cutting and Prototyping
    • Top Side Release Tapes are helpful in die-cutting applications, especially when precise and intricate cuts are required. The tape allows you to splice the release liner to keep a continuous roll format.
  • Temporary Surface Protection
    • In construction and renovation projects, Top Side Release Tapes can be used to temporarily protect surfaces from scratches, marks, or other damage during the building process.
  • Splicing of Flexible Materials
    • While splicing is a common application, Top Side Release Tapes can be used to join various flexible materials, including films, foils, and papers.
  • Gasketing and Sealing
    • Top Side Release Tapes can be used for gasketing and sealing applications in various industries, such as automotive and electronics, to create watertight and airtight seals.
  • Bonding and Mounting
    • Top Side Release Tapes are used for bonding and mounting components, such as in the electronics industry.
  • Medical and Healthcare Applications
    • In medical device manufacturing and healthcare, Top Side Release Tapes are used for assembly and attaching components.

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