1209, 2019

Elite Tape Double Coated Tape Brochure

September 12th, 2019|

INTRODUCING THE NEW ELITE TAPE DOUBLE COATED TAPE BROCHURE DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE GUIDE ASK A QUESTION / GET A FREE SAMPLE Consistent with our new “We Make It Easy” theme, we are proud to introduce Elite Tape's "DOUBLE COATED TAPES" brochure. Customers have requested a quick and easy reference brochure for all of our double coated tapes, so we have put together this easy to navigate brochure.

811, 2018


November 8th, 2018|

Surface prep is required to ensure a solid adhesive bond onto most surfaces. Any type of contaminants can inhibit a secure bond between the surface and adhesive. Whether you have a simple surface that requires general cleaning or a heavily saturated surface that requires a heavy-duty solvent based cleaner, a clean surface will always help you to achieve the ultimate bond between the surface and the pressure sensitive adhesive system. THREE IMPORTANT STEPS TO ENSURE A SECURE BOND SURFACE PREP As a general practice, wiping the surface with water or isopropyl alcohol and/or a mixture of the two will remove any excess dirt, oil or debris from the surface. It is important to use a cleaner that will not leave any residue behind. In some cases, surfaces are coated with heavy oils, grease or adhesive residue which may require heavy duty cleaners such as; Citrus [...]

1010, 2018

How Are Acrylic Hi Bond Tapes Made And Where Are They Used?

October 10th, 2018|

Elite Tape’s Hi Bond (EHB) line was designed for endless applications in a variety of industries and markets. Elite’s EHB tapes provide superior, permanent bonds between a variety of substrates including plastics, glass, composites, metals and some sealed woods. Our EHB’s are used in several industries including sign manufacturing, furniture, appliances, automotive OEM and automotive aftermarket repair, RV and SUV assembly. Our products offer a unique permanent bond while withstanding elevated temperatures, UV and weathering. ACRYLIC HI BOND TAPES: Acrylic Hi Bond Tape is a closed-cell acrylic foamed co-polymer combined with a proprietary pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive system. The specially formulated acrylic foamed carrier is extruded through a temperature regulated flat die. The flat die forms the foamed acrylic which then travels through a teflon coated channel while being cured by a series of radiant heat lamps. The proprietary acrylic adhesive systems are formulated [...]

609, 2018

How are PTFE Film, PTFE Coated Glass Cloth and UHMW Tapes made and where are they used?

September 6th, 2018|

You may not realize it, but you come into contact with many items throughout your day that were processed using PTFE Film Tapes, PTFE Coated Glass Cloth Tapes and UHMW Tapes.  These tapes are used in the various manufacturing and packaging industries to ensure items travel smoothly through processing without sticking to the equipment, as well as allowing heat dispersion without damaging the finished product.  These items include; food packaged in sealed bags, packets and containers, sterilized medical devices for hospitals, printed bags for retail and bottles or cans for liquid packaging.  PTFE COATED GLASS CLOTH TAPES: PTFE Coated Glass Cloth Tapes are manufactured by submerging a woven fiberglass substrate into a PTFE bath and tracking the coated substrate up a drying tower.  This coating process is repeated to increase the longevity of the finished product.  Each coating pass increases the chemical, abrasion, [...]

305, 2018


May 3rd, 2018|

When searching for the appropriate adhesive system to create the best bond to your substrate, you must identify the surface energy as either HSE or LSE. Most substrates are classified as either High Surface Energy (HSE) or Low Surface Energy (LSE) and are categorized by their dyne levels. To understand the concept of surface energy, simply, if you have a substrate with a slippery, heavily coated surface, adhesives have a difficult time flowing into that substrate, therefore not creating a solid bond. These substrates are considered Low Surface Energy or LSE. If you have a non-coated, clean, or coarse surface the adhesive can flow into that substrate, therefore creating a solid bond. These substrates are considered to be High Surface Energy or HSE. The surface attraction between diverse materials is referred to as adhesive bond. The bond of the adhesion to the substrate is determined by the surface energy [...]

304, 2018


April 3rd, 2018|

It is that time of year, that youth boys and girls throughout the US are fighting for their last chance to win a bid to the USA Volleyball Nationals.  Floor Marking Tape plays a key role in ensuring the volleyball court boundary lines are precise and secure. Elite #527C’s bold colors allow the boundary lines to be easily identified by referees, line judges, score keepers, players and fans.  Elite #527C, Floor Marking Tape, is a 5.8mil heavy duty, kraft paper tape with a removable rubber adhesive system, available in white, red, yellow, blue, orange, green and black. The removable adhesive system will adhere to dust-free and debris-free gym floors or other smooth surfaces without damaging the area in which it is applied.   MORE ABOUT ELITE TAPE 527C Elite 527C is a Printable Colored Flatback Paper Tape with aggressive rubber adhesive. This product [...]

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