Splice Tabs (.6 Mil. White)

Splice Tabs

An alternative to:

  • Fabrico LF 314


Elite Splice Tabs are semi-gloss, white stock with rubber adhesive. Our Splice Tabs give manufacturers optimum splicing performance. Both tape and tabs are supplied with center cut-outs to ensure registration directly over the roll edge. Our ability to help improve your roll-processing efficiency with highly configurable splicing products allows us to meet almost every conceivable challenge and application need.


  • 0.6 mil. total thickness with rubber adhesive
  • 35 oz/in Adhesion Value
  • Temperature resistance -65F up to 180F


  • Proven time reduction when used on the top layer of paper prior to performing flying splices or butt splices
  • Available in Standard and Repulpable
  • Meets compositional requirements of FDA regulation 21 CFR175.105 for indirect food contact

Splice Tab Options

  • Standard 1″ x 4″ supplied in roll form with easy-release liner
  • Also available in 4” x 1” roll form with easy-release liner

Splice Tabs Applications


Roll Tabbing Applications


What are Splice Tabs?

Splice Tabs, also known as Splice Tape or Splicing Tabs, refer to adhesive tape or tabs used in various industries, particularly in printing and manufacturing, to join two sections of material together during a process called “splicing.” Splicing is the act of connecting two separate pieces of material, such as paper, film, or fabric, to create a continuous and uninterrupted length. This process is commonly used to achieve seamless production in various applications.

  • Function: Splice Tabs are used to temporarily or permanently connect two sections of material end-to-end. This is often done to ensure continuous processing or production without interruptions, such as when printing or coating materials.
  • Adhesive Type: The adhesive used in Splice Tabs is typically pressure-sensitive adhesive, which means it adheres when pressure is applied. This adhesive allows the splice to hold the materials together securely while they pass through production machinery.
  • Material Compatibility: Splice Tabs are designed to work with a wide range of materials, including paper, film, foil, fabric, and more. The choice of Splice Tab depends on the specific material being spliced and the application requirements.
  • Temporary vs. Permanent Splicing: Depending on the production process, Splice Tabs can be designed for either temporary or permanent splicing. Temporary splicing tabs are intended to hold the materials together during processing and can be easily removed afterward. Permanent splicing tabs create a lasting bond between the materials.
  • Application Areas: Splice Tabs are commonly used in industries like printing (such as in newspaper and magazine production), converting (changing the form or characteristics of materials), packaging, and various manufacturing processes where continuous production is essential.
  • Varieties: Splice Tabs come in different shapes, sizes, and adhesive strengths to accommodate various materials and applications. They can be in the form of small tape strips or tabs that are pre-cut and ready to use.
  • Automation: In modern manufacturing environments, automated splicing equipment can apply Splice Tabs with precision, ensuring consistent and reliable splices during high-speed production processes.

In the printing industry, for example, Splice Tabs are often used to join the end of one roll of paper or film with the beginning of the next roll, ensuring that the printing process continues seamlessly without breaks.

Overall, Splice Tabs play a crucial role in maintaining efficient production processes by enabling the seamless connection of materials, reducing downtime and waste, and ensuring consistent quality without need for manual interventions in continuous material handling processes.

How are Splice Tabs most commonly used?

Splice Tabs are commonly used in various industries, primarily in processes that involve continuous material handling, such as printing, converting, packaging, and manufacturing. Their primary purpose is to join two sections of material together seamlessly, allowing for uninterrupted production.

  • Printing Industry: In the printing industry, Splice Tabs are widely used to connect the end of one roll of paper or film with the beginning of the next roll. This ensures that the printing process continues without interruption, resulting in a continuous print run. Splice Tabs are particularly important in high-speed printing press processes.
  • Converting Processes: Converting refers to processes that change the form or characteristics of materials. In industries like flexible packaging, tape converting, and adhesive manufacturing, splice tabs are used to join rolls of materials like films, foils, or adhesive tapes. This allows for efficient processing without stopping the machinery.
  • Packaging Industry: In packaging applications, where materials like corrugated cardboard, labels, and flexible films are processed, splice tabs are used to connect rolls of material. This ensures that packaging materials can be continuously fed into machines like label applicators or form-fill-seal equipment.
  • Textile Industry: In textile manufacturing, Splice Tabs are used to join rolls of fabric or woven material. This allows for continuous production in processes like dyeing, printing, and finishing.
  • Paper Mills: In paper mills, Splice Tabs are used to connect the end of one paper roll with the beginning of another, ensuring that paper production remains continuous.
  • Nonwoven Industry: In the production of nonwoven materials used in applications like hygiene products (diapers, wipes) and medical supplies, splice tabs are used to connect rolls of nonwoven material for efficient processing.
  • Automated Manufacturing: In automated manufacturing processes, such as robotic assembly lines, Splice Tabs can be used to join sections of materials that need to be precisely aligned during the assembly process.
  • High-Speed Applications: Splice Tabs are essential in high-speed production environments where stopping and restarting production processes can result in significant downtime and waste. By using Splice Tabs, manufacturers can achieve seamless production and minimize disruptions.

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