Double Coated Film

Elite 590R is a double coated film tape with an aggressive solvent acrylic adhesive system which offers high initial tack, excellent shear strength and high adhesion values. This product has exceptional resistance to plasticizer migration, resistance to solvents, chemicals, aging and heat. Alternative to Tesa 4965, ATP DC-4123, Killer Red, V Himark Y4960

Double Coated Tissue

Elite 525BL is a 6.0 mil. black double coated non-woven tissue tape with a solvent based acrylic adhesive system. This product has a high performance modified acrylic adhesive for ultra aggressive bonding and splicing applications. This product has a thick tackified adhesive for immediate bonding. Excellent high shear strength for splicing a variety of substrates like paper, plastic film and foils. Moderate temperature resistance. Industry choice for corrugated splicing tape especially for recycled paper. Alternative to V Himark A2470

Double Coated Paper

Elite 518 is a 7 mil. double coated crepe paper tape coated with an aggressive rubber adhesive system. This product was designed for splicing, sealing, closure and various bonding applications. #518 exhibits excellent quick stick and immediate bonding power along with strong shear resistance for splicing. The crepe paper carrier adds additional strength, stability and conformability. 518 Double Coated Paper Tape is an alternative to: Intertape IPG 591 & IPG 592 ATP DC-2308 Shurtape DF-63 3M-410 ITC 280 ECHO DC-K048A V Himark M-2460 Bron BT-480 PRO 400

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Double Coated Cloth

Elite 506BL is a double coated cloth tape with blue PE film release liner. This tape has an aggressive Natural Rubber adhesive system for clean removal from most surfaces. This tape has a high shear adhesive system and excellent bond, used extensively in the trade show and convention industry for temporary hold down of carpets with clean removal. Blue PE film liner is easy to remove vs. paper liners. Alternative to Berry Plastics 105C, Polyken 105C, Tyco 105C, Berry Plastics 105C, ATP DC-5227X, Polyken 105C


Elite 566 is a 2.0 mil. glass stabalized

Double Coated Differential

Elite 576HL is a double coated film tape with a differential adhesive system. The liner side adhesive is a low tack removable solvent acrylic while the exposed side adhesive is a high tack, high peel solvent acrylic adhesive. This product is ideal for various applications needing a temporary bond or hold, later to be removed cleanly with no residue. Alternative to ATP DC-3106RP, V. Himark H2910, Y291M, Scapa S1076

Double Coated Repulpable

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Elite Tape offers the most extensive line of Double Coated Tapes in the market – Double Coated Film Tape, Double Coated Tissue Tape, Double Coated Paper Tape, Double Coated Cloth Tape, and more!  Whether you’re bonding, splicing, mounting or laminating, Elite Tape offers the right product for your application needs.  We partner with the top manufacturers both domestically and overseas to provide the largest product offering with the highest quality products.  Partners like 3M, Scapa, Berry Plastics, IPG and Shurtape to name a few.  In addition, Elite Tape has the unique ability to convert any of our double coated tapes into machine length long rolls for continuous processing, die-cut pieces for easy use and with a finger lift option for easy removal of liner.  The applications for double coated tapes are endless:

  • Carpet installation (permanent and short term)
  • Convention tape
  • Splicing in web processing applications
  • Tail tabbing finished rolls for a complete finish
  • Core starting
  • Bag sealing tapes for permanent and resealable bags
  • Golf grip tape
  • Plastic extrusion applications


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  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on products to be free from defects on material and workmanship
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