NAV Non-Adhesive Vinyl Tape (3.5 Mil. Yellow)

NAV Non-Adhesive Vinyl Tape (3.5 Mil. Yellow)

NAV Non-Adhesive Vinyl Tape is an alternative to:

  • Echo 23-YLW00DV
  • EPSI V71
  • Tapecase TC790
  • Sequoia GSV-1


Elite NAV is a 3.5 mil. non-adhesive vinyl tape used to wrap parts off for plating, anodizing, painting and blasting.  Low-cost alternative to vinyl tape with adhesive. 

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  • 3.5 mil. Non-Adhesive Vinyl 
  • Up to 180F


  • Masking in Plating & Anodizing
  • Masking off parts that can be wrapped 
  • Self Adhering

NAV Tape Options

  • Available on 1.5” or 3” cardboard cores
  • Ships within 7-10 day lead time
  • Available in yellow and black

NAV Applications


Masking Tape Appliations


What is Non Adhesive Vinyl Tape?

Non Adhesive Vinyl (NAV) Tape, also known as self-bonding vinyl tape, is a type of tape made from vinyl material that is designed to bond to itself when wrapped around an object. Unlike traditional adhesive tapes, Non-adhesive Vinyl Tape does not have a sticky adhesive layer. Instead, it adheres to itself through a self-bonding process, creating a strong and secure seal without leaving behind any residue.

Vinyl Material: Non Adhesive Vinyl Tape is made from a vinyl polymer that has the unique property of self-bonding when stretched and wrapped around an object.

Self-Bonding: The tape adheres only to itself and not to other surfaces. When stretched and overlapped, it forms a cohesive bond that holds the wrapped object securely.

No Adhesive Layer: Non Adhesive Vinyl Tape does not use traditional adhesives. Instead, it relies on its vinyl composition to create a strong bond.

Durability: Vinyl Tape is resistant to moisture, UV radiation, weather, and some chemicals, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

Non Adhesive Vinyl Tape is a versatile and practical tape that forms a strong bond through self-bonding. Its resistance to moisture and weather, along with its insulating properties, makes it suitable for various applications, particularly in electrical and outdoor settings.

In what applications and industries does Non Adhesive Vinyl work best?

Non Adhesive Vinyl Tape, with its unique self-bonding properties and durability, is well-suited for a range of applications and industries where secure binding, protection, and insulation are needed.

  • Electrical and Electronics
    • Insulating and protecting electrical connections, splices, and components
    • Bundling and organizing cables and wires, providing strain relief and preventing tangling
    • Securing and protecting wire harnesses
  • Cable Management
    • Bundling and organizing cables and cords in home entertainment systems, offices, and data centers
    • Preventing tangling and providing strain relief for cords and cables
  • Marine and Outdoor Applications
    • Securing and protecting connections, cables, and equipment in marine environments
    • Binding and protecting items in outdoor settings, such as camping and hiking equipment
  • Automotive and Transportation
    • Temporary fixes and protection for automotive wires and connections
    • Securing and protecting cables and components in vehicles
  • Plumbing
    • Used for temporary repairs in plumbing systems to seal leaks or protect pipes
  • DIY and Home Improvement
    • Binding and securing items around the house, such as tools, gardening equipment, and outdoor gear
    • Organizing and insulating items in DIY projects
  • Crafts and Hobbies
    • Binding and securing materials in craft projects, scrapbooking, and hobbies
    • Providing a unique and decorative touch to creative endeavors
  • Emergency Repairs
    • Quick fixes and temporary solutions in emergency situations, including outdoor and on-the-go scenarios
  • Industrial Maintenance
    • Securing and bundling cables, hoses, and pipes in industrial settings
    • Providing a temporary seal for leaks or damage in industrial equipment
  • Home Office Setup
    • Organizing and securing cables and cords in home office setups for a tidy workspace
  • Temporary Solutions
    • Providing a temporary solution for binding, securing, or protecting items that don’t require a permanent adhesive
  • Construction and Building
    • Temporarily securing and binding construction materials or equipment
  • Horticulture and Gardening
    • Binding and securing plants, vines, and other garden elements without damaging them

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