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Elite Tape offers an extensive line of double coated Transfer tapes in different thicknesses and colors for Industrial and General Purpose Bonding, Splicing, Laminating and Mounting applications. We stock Acrylic based adhesive systems with specialized formulas for permanent bonding to Paper, Cardboard, LSE & HSE Plastics, Metals, Fabrics, Wood Substrates and many more. Elite’s Transfer tapes provide excellent temperature resistance ranging from 150F up to 395F with exceptional shear strength for use in Display assembly, Industrial Bonding, Foam & Gasket Laminating applications. Also used for general purpose bonding in the Trophy, Award, Sign & Framing industries.


Elite Tape offers the most extensive line of Double Coated Tapes in the market.  Whether you’re bonding, splicing, mounting or laminating, Elite Tape offers the right product for your application needs.  We partner with the top manufacturers both domestically and overseas to provide the largest product offering with the highest quality products.  Partners like 3M, Scapa, Berry Plastics, IPG and Shurtape to name a few.  In addition, Elite Tape has the unique ability to convert any of our double coated tapes into machine length long rolls for continuous processing, die-cut pieces for easy use and with a finger lift option for easy removal of liner.  The applications for double coated tapes are endless:

  • Carpet installation (permanent and short term)
  • Convention tape
  • Splicing in web processing applications
  • Tail tabbing finished rolls for a complete finish
  • Core starting
  • Bag sealing tapes for permanent and resealable bags
  • Golf grip tape
  • Plastic extrusion applications



What is Transfer Tape?

Transfer Tape is a type of adhesive tape that is used to transfer or apply adhesive to another surface. It consists of a thin adhesive layer directly coated onto a release liner.

The primary function of transfer tape is to facilitate the transfer of adhesive from the release liner to another object or surface. It is commonly used in applications where precise and controlled adhesive placement is required. Once the adhesive is applied, the release liner is removed, leaving only the adhesive on the desired surface.

Transfer Tape is available in various adhesive formulations, including acrylic, rubber, or silicone-based adhesives, depending on the specific application requirements. The adhesive choice can vary based on factors such as bonding strength, temperature resistance, and surface compatibility.

Transfer tape offers advantages such as easy application, precision, and clean removal of the release liner. It is a versatile tool for transferring adhesive and achieving accurate bonding in a wide range of industries and applications.

What are the most common applications using Transfer Tape?

Transfer Tape finds applications in various industries and scenarios where precise adhesive placement and bonding are required.

  • Vinyl Graphics and Decals
    • Transfer Tape is widely used in the signage and graphics industry for transferring vinyl graphics, lettering, or decals onto various surfaces, including vehicles, windows, walls, or promotional displays. It allows for precise positioning and ensures smooth, bubble-free adhesion.
  • Packaging and Product Assembly
    • Transfer Tape is utilized in packaging applications for attaching labels, tags, or promotional materials to products. It is also employed in product assembly processes for bonding components, such as electronic parts, plastic or metal parts, or bonding foam inserts.
  • Paper and Print Applications
    • Transfer Tape is used in paper-based projects, such as scrapbooking, cardmaking, or paper crafts. It allows for precise and clean adhesion of die-cut shapes, lettering, or embellishments onto paper surfaces without causing damage.
  • Textile and Apparel Decoration
    • Transfer Tape is employed in textile and apparel industries for heat transfer applications. It enables the precise placement and bonding of designs, logos, or graphics onto garments, bags, hats, or other fabric materials.
  • Industrial Labeling, Identification and Bonding
    • Transfer Tape is used in industrial settings for applying labels, barcodes, or identification markers onto products, components, or packaging or bonding components. It provides accurate positioning and reliable adhesion.
  • Electronics and Electrical Applications
    • Transfer Tape is utilized in electronics assembly for bonding small components, such as circuit boards, sensors, connectors, or flexible circuits. It allows for precise placement and ensures secure attachment.
  • Automotive Industry
    • Transfer Tape is employed in the automotive sector for various applications, including attaching trims, badges, or emblems to vehicles. It provides efficient and accurate bonding without damaging the surface finish.
  • Fabric and Textile Decoration
    • Transfer Tape can be used in textile and fabric applications for transferring heat-activated or pressure-sensitive designs onto garments or fabrics. It enables precise and efficient application of designs, patterns, or logos.
  • Medical and Healthcare Products
    • Transfer Tape finds use in medical and healthcare industries for bonding or attaching components, labels, or devices. It may be used in medical device assembly, diagnostic test kits, or packaging of medical products.

Why is Double Coated Transfer Tape better than using glue?

Double Coated Transfer Tape offers several advantages over using contact paper or glue for bonding applications.

Reasons why Double Coated Transfer Tape is often considered superior:

  1. Simplicity and Convenience – Double Coated Transfer tape provides a straightforward and hassle-free bonding solution. It eliminates the need for messy glue application or cutting and positioning contact paper. The tape is ready to use, offering quick and easy application.
  2. Precise and Controlled Bonding – Double Coated Transfer Tape allows for precise and controlled adhesive placement. With adhesive on both sides, it ensures even coverage and bonding between two surfaces. This results in a strong and reliable bond without excessive adhesive spreading or potential mess associated with glue.
  3. Strong and Immediate Bond – Double Coated Transfer Tape offers a strong initial bond. Once applied, it provides immediate adhesion, allowing for efficient assembly or mounting processes. In contrast, glue often requires curing or drying time, which can prolong the bonding process.
  4. Neat and Clean Application – Double Coated Transfer Tape leaves a clean and tidy finish. Unlike glue that can leave residue or require additional steps for clean-up, the tape eliminates the risk of excess adhesive or messy application. It provides a professional and aesthetically pleasing result.
  5. Bonding Dissimilar Materials – Double Coated Transfer Tape is particularly effective for bonding dissimilar materials. It offers compatibility between different surfaces, such as metal, plastic, wood, or fabric, allowing for reliable adhesion where glue may struggle to provide a strong bond.
  6. Convenience for Temporary Bonding – Double Coated Transfer Tape offers convenience for temporary bonding applications. It provides a secure hold that can be easily removed without leaving behind residue or damaging surfaces. In contrast, glue may require additional effort or solvents for removal.
  7. Consistent Adhesive Quality – Double Coated Transfer Tape offers consistent adhesive quality throughout its length. With glue, the adhesive properties may vary, requiring careful application and potential inconsistencies in bonding strength.

While contact paper and glue have their own uses and advantages, double coated transfer tape provides a more efficient, precise, and reliable solution for many bonding applications. It saves time, reduces mess, and offers strong and immediate adhesion, making it a preferred choice in various industries and tasks.

What are the best tapes for low surface energy surfaces?

Low surface energy materials, such as wood, polyester fabric, polyethylene and polypropylene, can be challenging for standard tapes to adhere to due to their non-porous and non-stick nature. However, there are tapes specifically designed to adhere to low surface energy surfaces.

Here are some types of tapes known for their effectiveness on low surface energy materials:

  • Acrylic Foam Tapes

Usage: Ideal for bonding to low surface energy plastics, such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

Features: Acrylic foam tapes provide a strong bond and conform well to irregular surfaces. They are commonly used for automotive applications and outdoor mounting.

  • Double Coated PSA Tapes

Usage: Suitable for bonding to low surface energy materials in industrial and manufacturing applications.

Features: Some tapes are formulated with high-performance adhesives designed to provide strong adhesion to challenging surfaces, including low surface energy plastics.

  • Specialized Bonding Tapes, like Polyurethane or Glass Cloth

Usage: Specifically designed for challenging surfaces, including low surface energy materials.

Features: Some tapes are engineered with special formulations to enhance bonding to low surface energy substrates. They may also offer resistance to temperature extremes, UV rays and chemicals.

  • VHB Hi Bond Tapes

Usage: Known for bonding to a variety of surfaces, including low surface energy plastics.

Features: VHB (Very High Bond) tapes are double-sided acrylic foam tapes that provide strong and durable bonds. They are commonly used in construction, automotive, and electronics applications.

  • Silicone Adhesive Tapes

Usage: Suitable for bonding to silicone surfaces and some low surface energy plastics.

Features: Silicone adhesive tapes may offer good adhesion to certain low surface energy materials and provide resistance to high temperatures.

When selecting a tape for low surface energy materials, it’s crucial to choose a product that is specifically designed for this purpose.

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