422S PTFE Tape (2.0 Mil. Skived)

422S (2.0 mil) PTFE Tape (Skived)

422S is an alternative to:

  • 3M-5480
  • Dewal 204-2HD
  • Saint-Gobain 2255
  • CHEMFAB 380
  • Lanmar 585


Elite 422S is a 2 mil. PTFE film tape with high temperature silicone adhesive system. This tape was designed for superior dielectric strength and high temperature resistant applications. Excellent choice for insulating connections in high voltage coils and power cables. 422S is chemically inert with temperature resistance up to 500F. Resists destruction from most chemicals, acids and solvents. Ideal for superior performance skived PTFE tape and economical choice. Also commonly referred to as “teflon tape”.

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  • 2.0 mil. skived PTFE film backing with 1.9 mil. silicone adhesive
  • 26 oz/1″ Adhesion Value
  • Dielectric Strength: 10,500 Volts
  • Insulation Class: 356F
  • Certifications: UL-510 & CSA C-22-2
  • Government Specifications:  ASTM E595/ ASTM D2686/ CID-A-A-59474C TYPE 1, CLASS 1
  • Boeing Specifications:  BAC 5034 Type IV, BAC 5157, BAC 5241, BAC 5332, BAC 5548, BAC 5597, BAC 5578


  • Roller wrap tape on rollers in paper and flexo film industries
  • Can be used for anti-vibration cushion, gasket flanges, clamp connectors
  • High temperature insulating applications and heat sealer bars and rollers with clean residue free release
  • Slick anti-friction surface for quick movement of parts and materials, helps reduce wear & tear on parts
  • Excellent High Temp Teflon Tape or High Temp PTFE Tape

422S PTFE Tape Options

  • Available in log rolls 19.5″ x 36yds
  • Elite Tape will slit any size 1/8″ up to 19.5″ x 36yds
  • Available on 1″, 1.5″ and 3″ paper or plastic cores
  • Available in die-cut dots and pieces for masking off applications

422S Applications


Anti-Friction Applications


Damping Applications


Heat Sealing Applications


Insulating Applications

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